FAQs for lawyers-turned-copywriters, answered.

Are you a copyright lawyer?

Do you love your new career?
Not as much as I love Ryan Reynolds.

Do you miss the money?
Yes. Please send me some. 

Why did you do it?
I found writing funny Instagram captions much more enjoyable than drafting share purchase agreements.

Was it tough to start from scratch again?
Yes. But there are many I turned to for advice. I interview them in my podcast, Please Turn Over, which features lawyers, engineers, bankers, architects and others who are now advertising creatives.

Will you return to the law?
Not even if Ryan Reynolds looked at me with his gorgeous eyes and begged me to.

Do you feel insecure about your decision?
At times. I write jokes about it and perform them at comedy clubs in Berlin. Comedy is truth and pain, after all. 

Could you quickly go over my rental contract?


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Slide into my professional DMs: LinkedIn 

Heckle me at a comedy club (don't): @divya_mirlay

Awards & Recognition
Muse by Clio, Divya Mirlay’s Transcontinental Voyage from Corporate Law to Copywriting
Forward Festival Berlin 2022, Speaker 
Graphis New Talent Annual 2022/The Free Speech Update
New York Festivals, Positive World Impact, Gold/The Radical Change
New York Festivals, Positive World Impact, Finalist/The Free Speech Update
New York Festivals, Radio, Shortlist/Sleep Alone Together
Clio Awards, Gold/The Radical Change
Clio Awards, Shortlist/The Free Speech Update 
Future Lions, Shortlist/Evolve
D&AD New Blood Awards, Graphite Pencil/Greetings by Duolingo
Webbys Nomination/The Radical Change
The Andys, Gold/The Radical Change
The Andys, Gold/The Free Speech Update
Graphis, Gold/The Radical Change
Graphis, Gold/The Free Speech Update
Webbys, Honoree/Sleep Alone Together
Young Ones ADC Design for Good, Merit/The Free Speech Update
Young Ones ADC, Design for Good, Shortlist/The Radical Change
Young Ones ADC Shortlist, Craft in Writing/Sleep Alone Together
Drum Chip Shop Awards, Nomination/The Radical Change
Drum Chip Shop Awards, Gold/The Free Speech Update
Applied Arts Magazine Winner/The Radical Change
Creative Conscience U.K. Highly Commended/The Radical Change
Webby’s Honoree Best Use of Earned Media/The Fully Festive GIF Pack
Foxglove Gold (x2) Best Use of Instagram, Best Innovation in Digital/The Fully Festive GIF Pack
CIDCA Bronze Viral Marketing Campaign/The Fully Festive GIF Pack

Work Experience 
Copywriter @ Innocean, Berlin (Jan 2022 – Present)
Copy/Concept Intern @ Edelman, Berlin (Oct 2021 – Dec 2021)
Copywriter @ Brave New World Communications, Bangalore, India
(July 2018 – Dec 2019)

Associate @ Argus Partners Advocates & Solicitors, Bangalore, India
(June 2017 – June 2018)