Experiment N 

Car launches are all the same. Flashy films with flashy cars. But Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 N wasn’t just another car; it’s a performance machine designed to literally boost happiness. So instead of a traditional launch campaign, Hyundai opted for an experiment: to beat the winter blues in one of the world’s darkest cities with a drive.


"Hyundai's commitment to progress reaches new frontiers: the human mind"

 - Little Black Book

"It's more than a hot hatch,
it's a happiness machine"

 - Top Gear

"IONIQ 5 N becomes the first car to beat the winter blues, even in one of Europe's darkest cities"

 - Roastbrief

"The experiment's unique focus on winter is groundbreaking"

 - Detour Roadtrips


Client: Hyundai Motor Europe
CMO: Andreas-Christoph Hofmann
Director Marketing: Laura Rathai
Head of Brand Strategy & Campaign: Andrea Razeto
Brand & Product Campaigns Team Lead: Hyang A Kim
Marketing and N Brand Lead: Bastien Saunier
Agency: Innocean Berlin European
Chief Creative Officer: Gabriel Mattar
Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Wolff
Creative Director: Sebastian Pattis
Creative Director: Jose Suaid
Art Director: Changkyu Ku
Copywriter: Divya Mirlay 🖖
Chief Operating Officer: Alessia Belline
Business Director: Björn Wilke 
Project Lead: Michael Dunker
Account Director: Anna Moskalenko
Junior Digital Account Manager: Ismail Cobanoglu
Head of Production: Fabian Barz
Senior Producer: Michael Endres
Senior Producer: Hannes Andresen
Senior Producer: Markus Wetschewald
Strategy Director: Anna Nowak-Otto / Sophia Görner
Senior Strategist: Serena Merletti
Senior Media Manager: Maja Lah
Senior Media Manager: Karim Makarem
Havas, European Business Lead: Wolfgang Ruch
Film Production Company: UNIT 9 Films Ltd.
Managing Director: Adam Dolman