Connecting with a younger audience is tough. Especially when it’s a car brand approaching gamers, who aren’t likely to have ‘real’ cars on their radar. As sponsors
of the LEC Championship, Kia Europe invited them to a new game, one that involved
G force. Gamers were challenged to keep calm or stay ‘tilt-proof’ inside the
Kia EV6 GT - a car that goes from 0 - 100km/hr in 3.5 seconds. Whoever won
could keep the car.

"Kia is keeping Esports fans on their toes with the Tilt Proof Challenge"


"Kia's EV6 GT is about to change the game once again"

 - Little Black Book


Chief Creative Officer: Gabriel Mattar
Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Wolff
Chief Operative Officer: Jonathan Hill
Creative Director: José Suaid, Sebastian Pattis
Art Director: Ana Conrado
Junior Art Director: Changkyu Ku
Copywriter: Nicolas Holz
Junior Copywriter: Divya Mirlay 🖖
Head Of Production: Fabian Barz
Producer: Juergen Joppen
Consulting Producer Automotive: Sascha Mehn Production
Assistant: Lukas Baeuerle
Strategy Director: Jörn Ballentin
Senior Strategic Planner: Odile Breffa
Business Director: Alessia Bellini
Account Manager: Spela Viduc
Junior Account Manager: Nadia Esi Berchtenbreiter

Director: Daniel Michaelis
Director Of Photography: Konstantin Freyer
1st Assistant Director: Hendrik Holler
Social Media Director: Zhong To
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Offline Editing: Arthur Heisler
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