It isn’t always easy to spot sexism, especially when it’s ingrained in a language.
The Chinese character for ‘woman’, known as the Female Radical is often associated
with negative words. Words like prostitution, jealousy, and trickster. The Radical Change
is an integrated campaign by a lingerie brand that highlights elements of sexism by making them stand out in ways that can’t be ignored.

I was invited to present this project at the Forward Festival Berlin in 2022. Here are pictures as proof.


Clio Awards, Gold
New York Festivals, Gold
Speaker, Forward Festival Berlin 2022

The Andys, Gold
The Webbys, Nominee
Graphis, Gold
Young Ones, Advertising For Good Shortlist
Drum Chip Shop, Awards Nominee
Applied Arts Magazine, Winner
Creative Conscience U.K., Highly Commended


Copywriter: Divya Mirlay
Art Director: Leyla Kamil
Instructor: Sudarshan Waghmare